The AEGRC offers mouse genotyping on a cost-recovery basis for the benefit of UQ Staff and The University of Queensland. This service started in 2009, and has established tests for over 200 genetically modified mouse lines and has genotyped over 150,000 samples.

Our Genotyping system

We use fluorescent-PCR and capillary electrophoresis for mouse genotyping which gives high resolution and clear genotyping results. Your samples are processed using state of the art laboratory equipment including automated liquid handling systems. All of our staff are highly experienced and qualified, and apply exceptional quality control measures to all samples to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Establishing new tests

As part of this service we routinely design new genotyping tests for each GM mouse line. To do this we need information about the genetic modification in each GM line. Please provide:

  • Your current genotyping primer sequences and expected DNA fragment sizes
  • The original reference and/or JAX Stock No. describing the GM mouse line, if published
  • Control samples, if possible, from animals with known genotypes (heterozygous or homozygous mutant)

Any other information you have about the genetic modification in each mouse line would also be welcome.

The normal time-frame for new genotyping test development is 4-6 working weeks. This to allow for the ordering time for the fluorescent-labelled primers and validation of the new genotyping tests on some control samples.

Please note the AEGRC does not provide the PCR primer sequences or PCR conditions for any genotyping tests designed by the AEGRC.

Sample submission

Samples submitted from an animal house on the St Lucia Campus are collected directly by the AEGRC.

Alternatively samples can be submitted in person to the AEGRC or can be sent via the internal mail; 

Sample Submission Times: 8am to 430pm (excluding weekends and public/University holidays).

AEGRC Location: Level 7, Chemistry Building (#68), University of Queensland, St Lucia.

AEGRC can provide sample boxes to clients for sample submission.


Standard Result reporting turnaround time is 10 full working days following sample receipt by the AEGRC (excludes weekends, University and public holidays).

All result reports are saved onto a special shared drive set up for our clients. Only people that have approved access for each group will have access to that individual group’s results folder. Results will be made available on the shared drive for a 1 month period, however, the AEGRC maintains an archive of all genotyping results and can reissue past results on request.

For animal colonies that are managed in Genotrack, genotyping results will also be reported by direct entry into the Genotrack database, as well as the results sheet saved on the shared drive.

Need results ASAP?

We offer a priority service for those occasions where results are needed urgently. Genotype Results for priority samples will be reported by the close of business within TWO (2) Full Working Days following completed Sample Submission.

To obtain a quote for Priority Genotyping, please contact the AEGRC ( * Please note Priority Genotyping is only available for existing lines.

Financial information

The AEGRC will send you a RISQ Form (Request for Internal Services Quote) for Genotyping Services that will have to be signed by the Research Group Leader, usually the “Budget Holder”, and signed by the School/Institute Finance Officer, usually the “Financial Delegate”. 
AEGRC charges monthly for genotyping and only charges after genotyping results are reported. 

For more information regarding billing, including cost, please contact to obtain a copy of the AEGRC-UQ Genotyping Agreement.



Phone: +61 7  3365 1739
Internal: 51739